The Most Common Macerator Toilet Problems And Their Fixes

Uniflo 4 macerator pump

Macerators and Macerator toilets offer a convenient and efficient way to manage waste removal, but like any plumbing system, they can malfunction too. Dealing with such problems can be a cause for concern for many, especially since these systems operate differently from standard toilets. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll explore the most frequent macerator toilet problems and how to fix them. While some troubleshooting tasks can be tackled independently, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance if you wish to replace your existing system with a more efficient Uniflo Macerator.

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A) Macerator Continues Running:

This is one of the most common issues you can face with a macerator toilet and can result from various factors, including:

  • A blockage in the system
  • Malfunction of the microswitch or air pressure switch
  • Damage to the rubber membrane within the Macerator

In the following sections, we’ll take a close look at each of these potential causes and suggest the appropriate steps to resolve them. If the problem persists after attempting  these solutions, feel free to reach out to us at Uniflo for further help or a new macerator.

  1. Blocked Macerator Or Pump:

Dealing with a blocked macerator on your own can be dangerous if you have no prior experience or knowledge due to the presence of sharp cutting blades. This kind of blockage is often caused by foreign obects disposed of down the toilet causing accumulated toilet paper nd waste to build up. The technician will turn off the power, open the lid to identify the cause of the blockage. Using pliers, they will carefully turn the macerator blades anticlockwise and remove any obstructing waste or foreign object.

If the blockage is within the base of the pump, they will remove the motor to access the impellers. Using pliers, they will remove the waste and reinstall the motor in the toilet Macerator.

  1. Malfunction of the Microswitch or Air Pressure Switch:

This happens when waste material gets struck between the tank floor and the switch box. A microswitch can confuse the system, making it believe the tank is full. If you face this kind of issue, you’ll need to manually clear the waste and restart the pump to resolve it.

  1. Damaged Rubber Membrane:

One of the main problems with rubber is that it can wear down over time or the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals can also cause damage. When your rubber membrane is damaged, waste can enter the switch box, causing it to malfunction and short the electrical supply. If this happens, the only fix is to have the the system checked by a registered engineer.

B) Vibrations And Loud Noises In The System:

If you notice your Macerator vibrating or making loud noises, it means an object could be blocking the blade mechanism. Rotate the blades anticlockwise while the macerator is turned off to remove the obstruction.

C) Leaking Macerator Toilet:

There can be different reasons for a leaking macerator toilet. For example, there could be a fuse that has blown causing the unit not to operate in turn creating waste buildup, a fitting may have become loose or damaged. To fix the problem, all you have to do is check your electrics and ensure all fittings are tight and sucure clean the blockage or replace the damaged part. However, in an old system, an inefficient motor could also be responsible for the leak. If your motor is old, you might need to contact an expert to check or even replace the entire system.

Backing Up Into Other Fixtures:

Power-related issues or motor blockage problems can cause waste backflow. Listen for buzzing noises and inspect the motor. If necessary, call a plumber if there is an obstruction in the pipe or motor. The Macerator may require a service.

Macerator Pump Starting On Its Own:

If you are experiencing automatic pump activation, it may indicate a faulty toilet cistern filler valve or non return discharge valve. In this case, replacing those parts can fix the problem.

Tripping Electrics:

Water infiltration often results in continuous electrical tripping. If you experience such an issue, it is important that you contact an expert and not attempt to do it yourself because it can be dangerous.

Foul Odours:

If you notice foul odours, it can be due to waste and limescale buildup. We advise descaling your macerator with Unicleanse fluid or Uniclense crystals at least once every three months to keep it odour-free, also replace your carbon filter.

Foam From The Pump Vent:

If you see foam coming out of the air vent of the pump, it is mainly due to excessive use of incorrect toilet cleaner or bleach. Reducing your cleaning frequency and switching to our Uncleanse fluid or crystals may help resolve the issue. However, if the foam problem has been happening for a long time, it can damage the microswitch or even the motor. So, if your motor stops working or works less efficiently following the foam issue, you may have to start by replacing the microswitch.


Macerator toilets offer efficient waste removal, but like any mechanism, issues may arise from time to time. Whether it’s leaks, blockages, or other problems, with this guide you are ready to handle the minor issues (with some prior experience, obviously).

However, if your system requires expensive repairs or is working inefficiently, feel free to contact us at Uniflo for a new toilet macerator in UK.

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