Water Boost Pump Single 12V

Water Boost Pump Single 12V


12 Volt Water boosting system. Designed to boost your low pressure water supply.

Easy installation, 12 volt version is Ideal for RV Motor homes, Caravans Boats ect.

12 Volt DC.

12.5 Litres per minuite.

35psi Pressure shut off.

Amps 3.9 at 10psi.

Size 510mm Wide x 350mm Depth  x 510mm Height.

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Designed to Boost and provide a constant water pressure. If your supply has a very low pressure or fluctuates greatly, this is the kit you need.

Single pump 12 volt DC supply. Ideal for RV, Caravan and Boat applications. We also supply 240v dual pump versions.

The pumping system is pre-built and very easy to install, connect the water line, supply power and the pump will do the rest.

The pumping system is fully automatic and activates on demand, when you turn on your tap the pump operates and provides the relevant flow of water. The unit has a built in inlet strainer, pressure switch and check valve. The compact design allows installations in cupboards and convenient locations.

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