Uniflo Universal Pro 32mm Discharge Macerator Pump

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Uniflo Universal Pro 32mm Discharge Macerator Pump

  • Uniflo Universal Pro Macerator Pump.
  • The only Macerator on the market with a Left or Right hand discharge outlet.
  • Suitable for Toilet Shower & Basin.
  • Discharge pipework 32mm
  • Pumping distance 5.5m vertical, 80m horizontal
  • External dimensions 434mm wide, Height 307mm, Depth 165mm

£186.00 Inc. VAT



Uniflo Universal Pro is a quality unit, Ideal for use with a WC, Basin and raised Shower. Can be installed in small bore pipework 32mm Plastic solvent weld or Copper tube.

Uniflo Universal is unique in design allowing the installer to attach the discharge outlet to either the left or right side of the unit, this can be vertical and horizontal.

The unit comes with built in non-return valves and a small low-profile elbow and flexible fitting pack for easier installation.

Complete with multiple inlet access on both sides, two on top and low-level bottom inlets on either left or right.

The unit is fully automatic and operates when the toilet is flushed, or a basin or shower is used.

Practical and modern in design, ideal to convert your basement or loft space into an en suite or shower room.

Sensibly Priced.   Fully Automatic.  Practical Design. Very Easy to Install.

Access to help and advice available on our local support line.


Specifications and Technical Data.

Height: 307mm x Depth: 165mm x Width: 434.

Power: 400w, Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz.

Flow Rate: 145L/min.   Motor RPM 2800

Vertical Discharge: max height 5.5 meters

Horizontal Discharge: max 85 Meters

Dual Stainless-steel cutting System

Micro Switch Operation

IP rating IPX4.


Additional information

Weight 7000 g