Uniflo Macerator Alarm

Uniflo Macerator Alarm

macerator Alarm

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Uniflo-Flush Alarm

!! For use with macerator units and water storage tanks. !!

Easy to install, uses 9v battery. Fitting instruction included.

The Uniflo Alarm is a warning device to alert you when the water level in macerators or water tanks reaches a worrying level, helping to prevent an overflow of water causing flood damage.

The Uniflo alarm has a level sensor that triggers the alarm fixed to the top of the unit or tank. If the internal volume of water exceeds the maximum allowed, the alarm emits a continuous 80db warning sound until either the alarm is turned off or the problem is rectified.

Typical causes are:

Power cut to a macerator unit,  Macerator blockages,  Faulty tank ballcock valves.


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Weight 500 g