Uniflo Intelligent Electric Bidet Wash Dry Toilet Seat U100B510

Uniflo Intelligent Electric Bidet Wash Dry Toilet Seat U100B510

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  • Uniflo Intelligent Electric Wash Dry Bidet Seat.
  • Full UK Warranty, parts and labour
  • Rocker Button Operation For Easy Use.
  • Easy Installation Complete with fitting kit.
  • Adjustable , Heated Seat, Heated Water Spray, Heated Dryer System.
  • Built In Deodorizer.
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Uniflo INTELLIGENT Electric Bidet Wash Dry Toilet Seat U100B510

Full uk based warranty.  includes Parts and Labour 

Intelligent Electric Bidet Wash Dry Toilet Seat Elegant sleek design.

Rocker button operation making the unit very easy to use, this also makes the seat ideal for the less able person.

Designed with comfort in mind, it incorporates a temperature adjustable heated seat and power adjustable drying system.

Easy to install, complete fittings pack.

  • Posterior cleansing adjustable pressure
  • Feminine cleansing adjustable pressure
  • Aerated comfort spray
  • Safety temperature and water pressure settings
  • Stainless steel wand, ABS nozzle
  • Continuous flowing water for better cleansing action
  • Warm continuous water with variable temperature settings
  • Heated seat with variable temperature settings
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting
  • Built in deodorizer
  • Automatic & Intelligent energy saving system
  • Discreet non bulky one touch control button
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands
  • Soft closing seat
  • Quality design
  • Easy installation on existing toilets; Adaptable to most standard fixtures
  • Colour  white
  • Pre-wired standard 3 core cable
  • Standard ring main electrical connection
Technical Specifications:

WASH DEVICE: Working pressure 0.05-0.75Mpa-  0.5bar -7.5bar, Posterior / Feminine washing 0.9L min, water tank capacity 1L, water temperature adjustable from 33Deg,C to 42Deg,C,  1350 W.

SEAT HEAT DEVICE: Seat heating 35DegC to 45DegC 50 W Safety temperature fuse fitted.

DRYING DEVICE: Blower temp 35Deg C to 45Deg C 200 W Safety temperature device fitted.

Intelligent Electric Bidet Wash Dry Toilet Seat
Water heater 1350 w,
Seat heater 50 w
Dryer heater 200 w
Combined 1600 watt.

Safety device fitted for electrical leakage prevention, Weight 4.6KG, Cable length 1.8M,

SEAT SIZE for the U100B510: Adjustable Regular Round Seat to fit pan (SEE IMAGE DIAGRAM)

A= PAN WIDTH  -360-380mm

B= PAN LENGTH  -470-520mm

C= FIXING HOLES -120-180mm

Toilet bowl rim should be 4.5cm.

VAT reliefs for disabled people – eligibility declaration by a disabled person.