Uniflo Hideaway Plus Macerator Pump

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Uniflo Hideaway Plus Macerator Pump

  • Uniflo HideAway Plus Slim Macerator Pump.
  • Side entry WC connection
  • Suitable for Toilet Basin Shower or Bath.
  • Discharge pipework 22mm or 32mm
  • Pumping distance 5.5m vertical, 80m horizontal
  • External dimensions 401mm wide, Height 306mm, Depth 154mm

£220.00 Inc. VAT


UNIFLO hideaway plus slim MACERATOR PUMP.

A fantastic quality product suitable for the installation of a toilet to the side of the unit, shower, basin or bath. Ideal for small installations i.e. en suite bedroom, under stairs and basement conversions the slim unit is compact and can be hidden away behind a false wall or in a cupboard. Very quiet in operation. Replace an existing Saniflo Macerator.

The Macerator is also suitable for a stand-alone system for a toilet or toilet and basin.

Ideal for new installations also great to replace existing Saniflo Macerator, Sanipack.

Uniflo Hideaway plus Macerator pump body measures Only 135 mm in depth allowing your toilet cistern to sit closer to the bathroom wall, other common Macerator pumps are 180 mm to 220 mm.

The top centre waste outlet allows the low profile elbow to rotate 360deg for easy connection to your new or existing discharge pipework.

Complete with waste pipe connection fittings and blanks.

Discharge in small bore 21.5 mm overflow pipework as well as 22 or 32 mm solvent weld and copper pipe.

Self venting because of the internal carbon filter within the unit.

Powerful motor of 450 watt with integrated shredder more powerful compared to the 400 wall model.


. Fully Automatic, the unit activates when the toilet is flushed and a shower or basin is used.

. Top Centre Waste inlet with 360d rotating discharge elbow making it easy to connect either to the right or to the left of the unit.

. Ultra low level inlet to the right hand side of the pump box, ideal for shower or basin connection.

. Ultra low level inlet left hand side of the pump box, ideal for shower or basin connection.

. Centre WC connection, the height is standard for all UK and European design toilet pans.

. Built in Non-Return valves in both left and right hand side internal tank spigots

. Drain off plug. This is ideal for maintenance work that may need to be carried out or if the unit is to be left idle for long periods of time.

. Access panels for very easy maintenance. These access panels are a great addition to the design of the Uniflo Hidaway plus Macerator, these are used as an easy entry port to the Macerator just in case a foreign object is accidentally disposed of down the WC for instance or for maintenance of the serviceable parts.

. Very easy installation because the unit is supplied with all the specialist parts and fittings so you will be able you to install with minimum fuss. Ideal Slim Macerator for new installations or to replace your existing Saniflo or Grundfos Macerator.


Size: Body Depth 135 mm ex lid, Length 383 mm ex inlets, Height 306 mm ex discharge elbow

Rated voltage 230/240v. Rated power 450 watt.

Flow rate Input 25 litres per min. Output Flow 145 litres per min.

Dual Stainless steel cutting blades.

Micro switch operation for low level pumping

GS & CE Certificate.

Support and installation https://unifloproducts.co.uk/support-installation/

FAQ https://unifloproducts.co.uk/faqs/

Additional information

Weight 7000 g