Uniflo 4 Plus Slim Macerator Pump

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Uniflo 4 Plus Slim Macerator Pump

  • Uniflo 4 Plus Slim Macerator Pump.
  • Suitable for Toilet Basin Shower or Bath.
  • Discharge pipework 22mm or 32mm
  • Pumping distance 5.5m vertical, 80m horizontal
  • External dimensions 401mm wide, Height 306mm, Depth 154mm

£170.00 Excl. VAT


Uniflo 4 Plus slim Macerator Pump.

A Fantastic quality product suitable for Toilet Shower Basin or Bath.

Alternative to Saniflo Sanislim Saniplus Slim Macerator Uniflo.

Ideal for en suite and basement conversions because the unit is slim,compact and quiet in operation.

The top centre waste outlet allows the low profile elbow to rotate 360 deg for easy connection to the discharge pipework.

Complete with waste pump connection fittings and blanks.

Discharge in small bore 22mm or 32mm.

. Fully Automatic.

. Top Centre Waste inlet.

. Ultra low level inlet right.

. Ultra low level inlet left.

. Centre WC connection.

. Built in Non-Return valves.

. Drain off plug.

. Access panels for easy maintenance.

. Very easy installation.


Rated voltage 230/240v. Rated power 450 watt.

Flow rate Input 25 litres per min. Output Flow 145 litres per min.

Dual Stainless steel cutting blades.

Micro switch

GS & CE Certificate.

Additional information

Weight 7000 g

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