Uniflo 12V Rv Complete Macerator Pump Kit

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Uniflo 12V Rv Complete Macerator Pump Kit


  • 12volt macerator pump.
  • Twist on sewer connector nozzle.
  • Hand held switch box.
  • 5 meters of quality sheathed 6mm electric cable.
  • Built in waterproof fuse holder, 20amp fuse link
  • Quality 100amp battery clips.
  • Silicone pump connection tube
  • 1 x 25mm easy release hose connectors
  • 3 x hose clamps
  • metal storage case

£204.00 Inc. VAT

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The Uniflo-RV is a alternative way to empty your black and grey waste water tanks. Eliminates the use of the cumbersome and bulky 3″ pipe work, without any changes to your existing plumbing setup.

The macerator pump has two dual cutting blades and is designed to evacuate organic material & toilet tissue.

This high powered pump incorporates a high quality motor with a seamless shell.  The macerator features a premium impeller design and includes o-ring sealed end bells with a sealed turn key. (Outlet sanitary hose type (1″   25mm)Technical Data:

Input Voltage DC 12v (12volt).
Amps 9.
Self priming.
Thermal Overload, Automatic restart.
Lifts to a  incline height discharge.
5 meters ( 16.5 feet).
Horizontal length discharge up to.
106 meters (350 feet).
Black and Grey tank waste transfer.
Compact Design.
Output flow 45L per min
(12 US Gallons).
Quad blade cutting.

ISO 8846 Ignition Protected.

Dual blade and housing construction ensures problem free pumping, providing superior performance while delivering up to 12gal per min (45 ltr per min).

Uniflo 12V Rv Complete Macerator Pump Kit complete with handy storage case.

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Weight 7000 g