Unicleanse Macerator De-Scaler Cleaner 10Lt

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Unicleanse Macerator De-Scaler Cleaner 10Lt

  • Uniflo Unicleanse Fluid, Macerator Pump Cleaner and Descaler.
  • 2 x 5ltr Bottles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for Domestic & Commercial use.
  • Strong De-scaler Solution from Macerator Specialists

£28.80 Inc. VAT


UNICLEANSE  MACERATOR Descaler Cleaner 10lt

2 x  5ltr bottles for Uniflo or Saniflo Macerator pumps
Descale, Clean and Sanitise in one application.

Developed by Uniflo Products Ltd.

Simply pour down the toilet bowl/pan, leave to soak for a number of hours then flush the toilet a couple of times, it is as easy as that.

Help keep your macerator pump clean and free from blockages. This cleaner De-scales, Cleans and disinfects all in one. Eliminate those bad odours.  For use on all types of macerator units and toilets. This product contains chemicals that will not only disinfect but will ensure a deep down clean and wipe out germs.

Helping to keep your toilet and macerator clean and hygienic. EASY TO USE with
full instructions. 2 x 5ltr bottles.

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Weight 4000 g