Macerator Rubber Oval Diaphragm Membrane

Macerator Rubber Oval Diaphragm Membrane

Macerator rubber Oval Diaphragm Membrane.

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Macerator Pressure Chamber Diaphragm Membrane.

Does your Macerator continue to operate after use, delayed activation, running intermittently after pumping out the water?

Macerators that have never been descaled will most likely be full of limescale especially if you live in a hard water area.

Bleach or harsh chemicals can make the diaphragm become stiff and non flexible allowing the Macerator not to activate or deactivate correctly.

Changing the Diaphragm can resolve this issue, we would also recommend changing the Micro Switch.

Consists of 1 x Black Rubber Oval Diaphragm,

Suitable for the following Macerators.

Uniflo Universal, Uniflo 4, Mini Grey Water Pump, and Uniflo Hideaway.

Suitable for the following Saniflo Models, Saniplus, Sanislim, Sanipro Xr, Sanispeed and Sanivite.

Sanibroyeur, Sanitop, Sanishower and Sanipro.


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Weight 99 g