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Macerator Air Admittance Valve 10psi

£19.20 Inc. VAT
In stock
10psi Air Admittance Valve ABS. Complete with size adaptors 2" (50mm)  1.1/2" (40 - 44mm), 1.1/4" (32 - 36mm), 3/4" (21.5 - 22mm) . …

Dry 40Mm 1.1/2″ Waste Non Return Valve Trap

£18.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
40MM - 1.1/2" Dry Non-Return Valve Trap Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. Complete with 90° Inlet and Straight Compression Adapters. …

Stepped Non-Return Elbow 22-40mm

£18.60 Inc. VAT
In stock
Macerator discharge elbow Non-return stepped elbow 22mm / 25mm / 32mm / 40mm  cut to size …

Waste Pipe Inline Macerator Non Return Valve 32 To 36mm

£24.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
Macerator straight white rubber in-line non return valve 32 to 36mm waste pipe …

Black Waste Pipe Inline Non Return Valve

£13.18 Inc. VAT
In stock
Black Rubber macerator waste pipe non-return valve…

Non Return Valve with flap from stepped elbow

£14.40 Inc. VAT
In stock
Replacement Non Return valve complete with rubber flap sealing ring for stepped elbow elbow.…

Air vent Macerator Stopper

£6.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
Plastic cup type Air Vent Stopper With Rubber Ring Seal …

Saniflo Float Valve

£48.00 Inc. VAT
Out of stock
Saniflo internal inlet float valve…

White Waste Pipe Inline Non Return Valve

£13.18 Inc. VAT
In stock
White Rubber waste pipe non-return valve …

Non-Return Elbow 22mm Uniflo Mini or Sanishower

£17.40 Inc. VAT
In stock
Non-return elbow Uniflo Mini and Saniflo sanishower pumps. …

Elbow & Flexible Discharge Outlet Pipe

£30.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
White macerator flexible rubber discharge pipe and non return elbow For use with 22mm pipework …