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White Rubber Macerator Waste Inlet

£9.60 Inc. VAT
In stock
White rubber macerator Waste inlet connector For both Uniflo and Saniflo macerators For use on bottom waste inlet connectors of the Macerator. 45mm x 40mm …

Macerator Air Admittance Valve 10psi

£19.20 Inc. VAT
In stock
10psi Air Admittance Valve ABS. Complete with size adaptors 2" (50mm)  1.1/2" (40 - 44mm), 1.1/4" (32 - 36mm), 3/4" (21.5 - 22mm) . …

White Rubber Macerator Wc Connector

£16.80 Inc. VAT
In stock
White rubber macerator WC connector. White rubber both open ends 90mm, stretch over Macerator and WC porcelain spigot.…

Jubilee Clip 32-50Mm

£1.50 Inc. VAT
In stock
Jubilee clip (32mm to 50mm)…

Dry 40Mm 1.1/2″ Waste Non Return Valve Trap

£18.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
40MM - 1.1/2" Dry Non-Return Valve Trap Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. Complete with 90° Inlet and Straight Compression Adapters. …

Macerator Oval Rubber Diaphragm Switch Clip and Sealant Uniflo Saniflo

£36.60 Inc. VAT
In stock
Macerator Black rubber oval diaphragm membrane, Micro switch, holding clip and 40ml Sealant.…

Stepped Non-Return Elbow 22-40mm

£18.60 Inc. VAT
In stock
Macerator discharge elbow Non-return stepped elbow 22mm / 25mm / 32mm / 40mm  cut to size …

Waste Pipe Inline Macerator Non Return Valve 32 To 36mm

£24.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
Macerator straight white rubber in-line non return valve 32 to 36mm waste pipe …

Automatic sensor toilet flush

£48.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
Automatic Sensor Toilet Flush Contactless automatic flush sensor. Can also be used the conventional way by pushing the button Replace your push button flush with the new…

Oval Macerator Diaphragm Clip Switch Kit Fits Uniflo Saniflo

£26.40 Inc. VAT
In stock
Oval Rubber Diaphragm Membrane Diaphragm Membrane Clip Macerator Micro Switch …

Flexible Discharge Outlet Pipe White 22mm 800mm long

£24.00 Inc. VAT
In stock
White flexible rubber discharge pipe for connection to the outlet of your macerator. For use with 22mm pipework 800mm Length Inside pipe dia 22mm …