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Uniflo Macerators will give you years of service if they are fitted correctly. The correct installation of your Macerator is very important. Ensure it is fitted by a competent person. Adhere to all the fitting instructions provided with your purchase. Technical advice is also available through our support network.

Macerator Trouble shooting Guide / Fault Finder

MACERATORS LEFT IDLE. Macerators left unused for a long period of time should be cleaned and drained as lime builds within stale water. If the Macerator is only used occasionally, it should be operated at least once every 3 to 4 weeks, this will help keep the motor and other working parts operational.

CLEAN YOUR MACERATOR AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS. Descaling & cleaning your Macerator regularly will help prevent limescale & waste build up within the unit, most issues can be prevented by using a good quality cleaner de-scaler. We only recommend Uniflo Unicleanse or Saniflo solution.  Do not use bleach, this will damage Macerator rubber components over a period of time. The Macerator should only be used for removal of human waste and toilet paper, wet wipes, kitchen roll & ladies sanitary products will cause blockages. The adhesive warning label provided is to be fixed in a visible area.

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