Everything You Need To Know About Bidet Toilet Seat

Technology is changing everything, even toilets. We started with sewers, then got plumbing and toilets that flush. Now, folks in England are starting to use a toilet tech already popular around the world like the bidet toilet seat.

You may wonder what is wrong with the usual commode and toilet paper setting. Well, the world is changing, and so should your hygiene habits. That’s why everyone living in the UK  should plan their bathrooms to accommodate a toilet and macerator with a bidet seat.

Today, Uniflo is here to talk about the wonders of a bidet toilet seat and answer some of the common queries surrounding it. So, let’s get started, shall we?

First Off, How Does A Bidet Toilet Function?

Bidet toilets offer a refreshing alternative to traditional toilet paper. They feature a retractable nozzle that sprays a gentle stream of water to clean after use.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Control Panel – Most bidet toilets have a control panel with buttons that allow you to adjust the water pressure, temperature, and direction of the spray
  • Retractable Nozzle – The nozzle, located beneath the toilet seat, extends only when activated and retracts automatically when not in use, ensuring hygiene
  • Cleansing – The water spray cleanses thoroughly, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience compared to toilet paper alone
  • Optional Features – Some bidet toilets offer additional features like a warm air dryer

Overall, bidet toilets provide a gentle and effective way to maintain personal hygiene after using the restroom.

Why Do You Need One?

Washing with water in the toilet might feel strange at first, but lots of folks in the UK like using a bidet. It’s really useful for family members who find it hard to clean themselves because of physical issues.

The problem is, many UK bathrooms don’t have room for a bidet. But a bidet toilet seat can fix that. It’s a fancy toilet seat with a bidet wash and other cool features. It has a spray wand that pops out when you press a button.

If you’re new to spray wands and unsure about them, don’t worry. There are things you can learn that can help you feel comfortable about trying them.

No More Shivering Surprises!

Imagine this: you’ve finished using the restroom and reach for the toilet paper – only to be met with a blast of icy coldness! Brrr! Thankfully, many bidet toilet seats come with heated water, so you can say goodbye to those “Oh my gosh, that’s cold!” moments. 

These clever seats even let you adjust the water temperature, just like you would in your shower.  Some heat the water instantly, while others have a mini built-in heater that keeps the water nice and toasty, ready for whenever you need it.

Customisation is King (or Queen)!

We all have different preferences, and bidets understand that!  These nifty seats offer adjustable water spray to personalise your cleaning experience.  Think of it like a car wash for your behind!

You can choose from different spray patterns, like front or back, wide or narrow, and even a pulsing or oscillating spray for a more thorough clean.  You can also adjust the water pressure to find the perfect setting.

Eco-Friendly Bubbles!

Bidet toilet seats use a clever trick called aerated water. Tiny air bubbles are mixed with the water spray, creating a softer, more comfortable feeling while still getting you clean. The bonus? It uses less water, making it kind to the environment, too!

Controlling all these features is a breeze. Most bidets have a handy control panel attached to the seat itself or a wireless remote you can mount on the wall or hold in your hand. 

Can You Get Rid Of Toilet Paper Fully?

The bidet seat, along with a macerator and toilet, cleans really well, but you might still use a little toilet paper. Sometimes, water doesn’t do it all, especially for people who have trouble cleaning themselves.

However, you’ll end up using way less paper than usual. A roll could last you two weeks instead of two days. Considering the toilet paper prices, this saves money in the long run and is better for the planet.

Can You Install A Bidet Seat On Top Of Your Existing Toilet?

Putting a bidet seat on your toilet is simple. You just attach it to the bowl with a bracket and bolts using a wrench and screwdrivers.

No matter your toilet’s shape—round, long, or small—there’s likely a bidet seat that will fit. Uniflo has lots of bidet seats for all kinds of toilet and macerator designs, so they fit well and work right.

If you’re getting a new toilet and want a bidet seat, it’s best to get both from the same company. That’s why we stock both!

Buy A Bidet Toilet Seat From Uniflo!

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