Installation Support

Installation Support

Installation and Servicing of a Macerator

Correct installation of your Macerator is very important. Therefore ensure it is fitted by a competent person. Adhere to the fitting instructions you receive with your purchase, these will form part of your guarantee. Advice literature will also be included with your purchase. If you need technical advice or just need to ask a question this is always available from the team at Uniflo please contact us on Email: info@unifloproducts.co.uk or tel: 01924 457223

FAQ https://unifloproducts.co.uk/faqs/

Once the Macerator has been installed be careful what goes through the unit, wet wipes, earbuds, ladies sanitary products and foreign objects will block the pump and cause malfunctions.

Use a good quality Macerator cleaner and Descaler during the life span of your unit. Unicleanse fluid or Unicleanse Crystals are one of the best products on the market. We would advice descaling your Macerator at least every 3 months, this will help keep your Macerator clean and functional.

Installation and servicing of a Macerator.

If you require a fitter, a service engineer or require an unblocking service for your Macerator we have put together a list of companies that work with Macerators and water pumps around the country. Please use the selection map below to find your nearest plumber.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: All companies listed do not work for Uniflo Products Ltd and are totally independent companies and have no affiliation to Uniflo Products Ltd. We would always advise to obtain an estimate for any work to be carried out before you instruct work to commence.

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